Thursday, 17 November 2011

Project 365: Week 5

Day 29 (03/10/11)

Nick and I went and visited the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace one Sunday afternoon and discovered that the movies there come with pre-show entertainment! I have no idea what instrument it was that this guy was playing, but he played it pretty awesomely.

Day 30 (04/10/11)

Uh oh, fail... :(

Day 31 (05/10/11)

I brought my camera to my netball game one night in the hopes of taking a picture, but didn't realise until after the game that I'd completely forgotten. In a panic I grabbed my friend to take a photo and she decided to hide behind her Coke bottle instead. I think she mainly wanted to show off her pretty gold nails.

Day 32 (06/10/11)

I went and visited MoMA when I was in New York earlier in the year, and discovered that their gift shop is actually what they call a 'design store' and it's amazing. So many different random pretty homewares and little personal items. I spent way too much money there, but one of the things I picked up was a packet of stick-on chalkboards for your wall. I picked up some chalk to go with it, and stuck that up on the wall too with blue tac, but then I came home one night and found this on my floor. I think I needed more blue tac!

Day 33 (07/10/11)

I know it's somewhat sad, but I'm a complete Harry Potter geek. I've lined up outside bookstores on the day that new books were released, I can tell you Harry's and Voldemort's birthdays, and there was a point in time that if you gave me any quote from any of the books I'd be able to tell you who said it and what the situation was. So I got madly jealous when one of my friends whipped this out when I was over at her house. Apparently one of the local newspapers ran a promotion to get them that I missed out on. The reason I missed it, though, was that I was in Europe at the time and was watching Deathly Hallows Part II in a London cinema with real English people, so I guess I can't complain.

Day 34 (08/10/11)

One of Nick's housemates has a lot of Canadian friends, and she decided to hold a Canadian Thanksgiving at her house, complete with homemade turkey. Apparently one of the stages in the cooking process involved using the turkey as a glove...

Day 35 (09/10/11)

Sydney has a lot of weekend markets that pop up. They're full of people selling clothes and shoes and handmade items. The Kirribilli Markets are my favourite. They have a market specifically for handmade goods, and they're all beautiful. One of my biggest goals is to make enough things to open a stall here one afternoon. In my opinion, aside from having the best goods, they also have the best view. Here's the Harbour Bridge casting a watchful eye over all the shopping going on.

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