Saturday, 26 November 2011

Project 365: Week 6

Day 36 (10/11/11)

I've never been the biggest fan of straight chocolate, but chocolate with stuff inside it is always very tasty and there seems to be a steady supply of it at work. For those who don't recognise them, the one the left is a Caramello Koala and on the right is a Strawberry Freddo Frog. They were almost too cute to eat. But only almost.

Day 37 (11/10/11)

My new hair accessory, and my first experiment in pattern making. You can read more about it if you're interested :) 

Day 38 (12/10/11)

Missed again! Bad Anna. 

Day 39 (13/10/11)

Given that I'm doing this Project 365 thing, it probably goes without saying that I like photos. I love having hard copies in albums and stuck up around my room, but over the last year I've been a bit lazy about sorting them and printing them out. One of the electronics stores was having a sale, though, so I went along and printed out a year's worth of photos. There were 362 and apparently that many photos makes quite a tall stack!

Day 40 (14/10/11)

Ever October, Sydney hosts the Crave Food Festival. Various restaurants put on specials, and lots of different food-related events happen around the city. The most popular event is the Night Noodle Markets, where every night for two weeks a lot of different Asian restaurants set up stalls in Hyde Park and it becomes one big open air food court. It gets very very crowded, but the park gets all decked out with paper lanterns and it's a lot of fun.

Day 41 (15/10/11)

For my friend's birthday we went out one night to a salsa club. I have two left feet (I've had a dance instructor give up on me before!) so it made for a somewhat interesting night.

Day 42 (16/10/11)

Steph's in the USA at the moment, and her boyfriend came home from visiting her with lots of presents for my parents and I. I have an obsession with ice cream, so this is my amazing cow-bowl from the Ben and Jerry's factory. I like its little udder-feet, and when you've eaten all your ice cream there's a little surprise - the bottom of the bowl reads 'Udderly Delicious'. It makes me smile every time.

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