Thursday, 8 December 2011

Project 365: Week 7

Day 43 (17/10/11)

Nick's been hanging out for a new iPhone for a while, so when the 4S was announced he pre-ordered one as soon as he could and it was delivered to his house one morning. I've had an iPhone 4 for a while, and putting them side to side they looked exactly the same. I took a photo of the only difference we could find between them :)

Day 44 (18/10/11)

It was lovely and sunny for the first time in a long time, so I had my sunnies lying around on my desk at work. For some reason we decided to see what my friend looked like in them - it's amazing the things you can find to distract yourself! He looked surprisingly okay, but not enough to convince him to actually wear them in public. What a shame.

Day 45 (19/10/11)

This packet of Skittles came home from America with Steph's boyfriend (along with my cow bowl). I love Skittles, and apparently once Steph saw these she just had to buy them for me and they came back a bit battered because she'd carried them all over the USA with her - thanks Steph! :) They surprisingly tasted a lot like the fruits they were meant to be, but the cores really didn't make much of a difference :p

Day 46 (20/10/11)

Thankfully after a couple of days the sun was still out. After leaving my glasses on the desk while I went for a quick walk, when I came back it appeared that Ernie had decided he wanted to sunbathe!

Day 47 (21/10/11)

It was time for the next set of work drinks after the Zombie shenanigans, so we had Oktoberfest at work. I've always loved German food, but I don't really like beer - makes it a bit difficult to celebrate the holiday properly! So I just ate a lot. I came a bit late and missed out on all the big hotdog buns they had for the BBQ, so the sausage to bread ratio ended up being somewhat comical :)

Day 48 (22/10/11)

Nick's cousin was getting married so we headed up north for the weekend. The wedding was lovely - out on the beach and barefoot on the sand. I've seen quite a few wedding cakes before, but theirs was pretty amazing with its crazy angles!

Day 49 (23/10/11)

The day after the wedding saw us sitting on a train home for three hours. Long commutes can get both tiring and boring, so while Nick napped I got productive with my laptop for as long as the battery would last. From what I remember, the text on the screen ended up being published as Starting From Scratch.

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