Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Market Research: Finding Etsy

See Part 1: Fabric-a-brac Redux

After Fabric-a-Brac came two markets full of lovely handmade craft - Show 'n' Sell, and Finders Keepers.

Show 'n' Sell was a handmade market run by the Sydney Etsy Team that I went to with my lovely and crafty friend Helen. To be honest I can't remember how I heard it was on, but it was a little market run at World Bar. World Bar's in King's Cross, so it's not exactly the most obvious setting for a craft market, but they run an initiative called the Wall where they showcase different artists' work in the bar.

Lucky Number Eight
It was a pretty small space so there were only about 20 stalls, a lot of which were mainly selling jewellery, but there were a couple of shops I really liked. My favourite stall was Lucky Number Eight's, who were selling candles and knitted and crocheted items. I fell in love with a little candle cozy that they'd made that said 'Lumos' on it - I'm a massive Harry Potter nut, and so I thought the idea was lovely and clever (for those who don't know, lumos is the spell from the Harry Potter novels that makes light).

I also really liked Poppy Dreams, who were selling cute little accessories, and a shop whose name I unfortunately can't find who had a bit of an eclectic mix of cards, accessories and homewares. I picked up a matching hair tie and hair clip from Poppy Dreams that had little material matryoshka buttons on them, and a set of printed cards and a material brooch from the other store. I actually don't really like brooches, but I thought it would make for a nice hair clip or something to stick on my handbag if I feel like having some decoration on it.

Lastly was the Finders Keepers, which is a big handmade market that apparently runs every six months. Helen told me it was on in the morning, and she and Jade and I made a snap decision to just go visit it after work that day. It was huge! The market was in Carriageworks, a big renovated railway warehouse, and there must've about 60 odd stalls. It was packed too - even in the huge space, sometimes it was hard to get close to the stalls to see what they were selling. There were a lot of cushions and a lot of clothes stalls, but I managed to buy stuff that didn't fit in either category. At the end of the night, I left with two things - a nice little button ring from Roger and Peach, and an awesome DIY lamp kit from Two Layers of Cells - but more on that another time!

There's something really nice and refreshing about going to markets like this. It's nice to get out of the shopping centres and into spaces that feel less sterile. All of the events had live music playing, and the Show 'n' Sell even had a free sausage sizzle and stopped everyone for fifteen minutes to play a random game of bingo that had prizes from some of the stalls up for grabs. The best part about it, though, is meeting and talking to the people who've made the things you're buying. I want to start making a lot more stuff now so I can try and open my own stall at market soon!

Lucky Number Eight -
Poppy Dreams -
The Finders Keepers -
Roger and Peach - 1/104 Alice St Newtown -
Two Layers of Cells -


  1. Woohoo you blogged about the markets, yay! Can't wait to check out what the lamp looks like by the way - I just realised I forgot to look out for it/ask about it yesterday!

  2. Thanks Helen! Yeah, I meant to show you and totally forgot! Keep an eye out, I'll have a post about it in the next day or two :)

  3. I've only just discovered your post. Thanks so much for visiting Poppy Dreams' stall at the market! I am so glad that you liked your hair accessories :)
    Best of luck with your own stall!

    Elissa from Poppy Dreams

  4. And I am just finding this post now! Love your blog.
    Thanks so much for visitng my store Lucky Number Eight.
    You bought one of my favourite creations - it was a one of a kind!