Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project 365: A Wrap Up - Day to Day

Day 131

This is part two of my Project 365 wrap up. If you haven't yet, go take a look at Part 1 - Sydney.

While I spent a lot of time out and about during the year, I got up to a lot of stuff day to day. Random everyday things are the hardest thing to take photos of - you don't realise how similar your weekdays are to each other until you try and take a new photo every day. But I did manage to get some good shots over the year, so here goes!

(A small tip: if you just want to see the photos, click one and you can scroll through them.)

Getting my craft on

While I was in SF I started knitting again, and I didn't really stop after that. I'll write up a lot of blog posts about what I've gotten up to but here's a sneak peek.

Day 38
Day 191
Day 23

Fantastic four

I had a lot of fun with my friends last year, and (annoyingly for them, I'm sure) I caught heaps of it on camera. Jade of the terribly sweet ice cream ideas you know...

Day 65
...and this is IG, who decided one day to pretend to be a pirate...

Day 61
...and Wes, my main man.

Day 272
The four of us spent way too much of last year playing card games and going on trips.

Day 97
Day 260

Movin' on up

I had to move house a couple of times last year. I've invested a lot of time in decorating my new room, and it's turning out quite nicely!

Day 351
Day 347

Child's play

We have a lot of toys at work, and most of them are Muppets - don't ask. When I get bored I tend to end up putting them into strange positions.

Day 103

Day 170

Om nom nom

Foooood. So much good food and drink. Also, it turns out that what you're eating always makes a good emergency shot for the day if you haven't taken one yet.

Day 277
Day 313
Day 338
Day 91

That's it for the everyday stuff, stay tuned for Part Three - Around The World.

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