Expanded Rib scarf

After getting a bit obsessed with their Cotton and Petite Wool, I bought a couple of balls of We Are Knitter's Wool to see what it was like. I was a bit hesitant to try it at first since I'd never worked with yarn that was so chunky before, but I decided to give it a go anyway.

I knew I wanted to try something textured but it can be difficult to do with super bulky yarn can since the thicker yarn gets, the less stitch definition you get. After trying a few different combinations of knits and purls, I finally hit on this stitch that I'm calling "Expanded Rib". It's ridiculously simple but it results in a really nice variation on seed stitch that looks completely different and equally lovely from both sides.

The scarf itself is the definition of cosy. I can see what all the fuss is about this yarn now - it's so soft and warm, and there isn't an itch in sight. You can use any super chunky or jumbo yarn that knits up to the right gauge though!


Feel free to make as many of these for yourself or as gifts or donations, but please don't sell them for profit.




22cm (8.5") wide
165cm (65") long


7 sts and 13 rows to 10cm (4") measured over the four rows of the pattern on 15mm (size 19) needles.
To knit a gauge swatch: cast on an even number of stitches.


The Wool by We Are Knitters, 2 balls. 100% Peruvian wool, 160/175 yards total for project. Pictured in mauve.
Substitutions: any super bulky or jumbo yarn that knits up to the correct gauge.


15mm (US 19) needles.


This scarf is reversible! The front has an interesting textured look, while the back looks like ribbing that’s been magically stretched out.


CO - Cast on
K - Knit
P - Purl
BO - Bind off


CO 18 sts.

Row 1: (K1 P1) to end
Row 2: (K1 P1) to end
Row 3: (K1 P1) to end
Row 4: K all sts

Repeat these four rows until scarf is 165cm long.


BO all sts and weave in ends.

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