Finally finished the blanket! (Daily Update: 2/9/19)

I sold a pattern today! The order came through on Etsy, I turned ads off a while ago so I’m not super sure how they found me. Maybe through search? Either way, hooray!

The big hexagonal blanket dried and came off my improvised blocking mat and it’s so lovely :) I was worried that it wouldn’t lay flat once it was dry but it’s looking really good. Also, I finalised some plans with Claire so it’s looking like doing it as a collaboration with Autumn and Indigo is a go! I’m hoping to release in late October, and Claire’s thinking of doing kits which will be a first for me and super exciting.

I also signed up to do a test knit today, which isn’t something I’ve done for a while. My friend Tina posted the call for testers from a designer she follows. I like doing test knits, but usually they take up a decent amount of time - this one comes with yarn support and is for a small project so I figured it was worth it and would be fun. It’s also introduced me to a new designer which is always cool! I’ll share more details after it’s done, as far as I know it’s a bit of a secret project for now.

The sleeveless shirt is still going. I’ve already hit the third skein in my gradient so I think I might run out of yarn early. I’ll have to dip back into my stash and see if there’s another colour or two I can add to the end of it.

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