I'm starting to understand this Facebook group thing. (Daily Update: 4/9/19)

If yesterday was slow, today was glacial. My daughter had a bit of a weird night last night which threw most of our day off. Plus we had to drive about 40 mins away to go to an Apple store - long story but I’m without a computer at the moment, which is pretty annoying.

I did, however, post one of the pictures of the baby blanket I took yesterday in a Facebook group I’m in. I’ve only really seen the value in Facebook groups in the last six or so months, and I’ve started becoming more involved in a knitting one I’m in and I’m loving it. It’s a nice way to find and foster community, and it’s nice sharing tips with people when they have questions or just sending words of encouragement. This one has thousands of people in it so I don’t think I’m going to make friends in it per se, but it’s still nice to just casually chat to people. You aren’t allowed to post self-promotion posts but you are allowed to share pictures of your projects. I shared the picture mostly because I was just excited about the blanket, but then I had some people ask what the pattern was, so I was honest and told them it was one of my own and DM’d them details of how to find me online. Now I have some new followers on Instagram and a few extra people on my mailing list! It feels like a very very high touch way of doing marketing but hey, it seems to have worked.

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