Some improvised blocking (Daily Update: 1/9/19)

I finally blocked my big baby blanket today. My father in law found something he called piano wires in the shed, which were basically blocking wires. So I thread them through the blanket like normal then used a rubbish bag and some cardboard boxes to have a surface to pin it to - it seems to have worked! Blocking always takes me forever for some reason, between washing and pinning and repinning I it took me about two hours in the end.

I also reached out to Claire from Autumn and Indigo about publishing the pattern in her yarn and she’s onboard! It’s very exciting. She says we can probably do kits for it too which would be a first for me, I’m pretty pumped. Here’s hoping that when the blanket comes off the mat it’s still nice and flat and sits right.

The shirt is still going, I ended up frogging it and starting again. The back of it is meant to sit flat against your skin but I realised because I was knitting it in stockinette it was going to tend to roll backwards off your back. So I switched it to have about an inch of reverse stockinette at the top of the back so it’ll roll forwards towards your back - hopefully between that and blocking it’ll sit nicely. It’s eating up the yarn faster than I thought it would though, I’m worried I’m going to run out before it’s done! I think I have an extra colour I can add to the end if I need to though so it should be ok.

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